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This wiki is about the web series Beckinfield [1] ( and the characters and situations of that town. Learn more about the strange goings-on here!

Beckinfield started in November of 2010. This online sci-fi series is made up of video blogs, where residents of the fictional town tell about their strange experiences living there. The video blogs were started by Rose Banter, daughter of the town's police chief Russell Banter, as a school project.

Watch a wrapup of Year One here: [2]

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  • Antagonists: Characters created by the people who run the site, who are mentioned in videos but not played by actors. Rose Banter and Harvey "Greybeard" Kanz are examples.
  • Offscreen characters: Characters created by actors who never appear onscreen. Examples include Cindy Everson, Herbert and Elena's husband Nick is the creation of Bob Gebert, Tracy Evans and Biff van Cleve.

List of Onscreen CharactersEdit

Jason Borland
Flynn Eclipse
William Cetus
Matt Denton
Stephan Edmonds
Elena Hernandez-Brady-Thompson-Tyler
Leda Jo Gupta
Scarlett Johnson
Scarlett Imerson
Ray Matthews
Amber O'Brien
Olivia Proust
Dr. Kylie Spenser
Dylana Stein
Blondie Monroe
Alexander Monrose
Alexa Murray
Frankie Murray

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